Active and passive voice exercise

Change the following sentences so that the verbs will be in the passive voice.

1.       The boy killed the spider.

2.       The police caught the thief.

3.       The boy made a kite.

4.       The sudden noise frightened the dog.

5.       Edison invented the light bulb.

6.       He made a very remarkable discovery.

7.       His own brother betrayed him.

8.       I have sold my old car.

9.       They opened the store only last month.

10.   We do not permit smoking in the kitchen.

11.   The cat chased the mouse.

12.   Your behavior disgusts me.

13.   The cat drank all the milk.

14.   A stone struck me on the head.


1.       The spider was killed by the boy.

2.       The thief was caught by the police.

3.       A kite was made by the boy.

4.       The dog was frightened by the sudden noise.

5.       The light bulb was invented by Edison.

6.       A very remarkable discovery was made by him.

7.       He was betrayed by his own brother.

8.       My old car has been sold.

9.       The store was opened only last month.

10.   Smoking in the kitchen isn’t permitted.

11.   The mouse was chased by the cat.

12.   I am disgusted by your behavior.

13.   All the milk was drunk by the cat.

14.   I was struck by a stone on the forehead.