Arrange words and form meaningful sentences

Rearrange these words to make meaningful sentences.

1. ship violently the storm rocked the

2. masterpiece artist painstakingly the his worked at

3. gift free a Dad offered firm by the was.

4. I read paper in the burglar been caught had the that.

5. nightfall began cricketers the at their piercing calls.

6. wore a hat he of coconut made fiber his on head.

7. parts many coffee popular in world the is very of.

8. cave could explore not they torch the without a.

9. the storm shed damaged the was during.

10. the dog James talking sat next to himself to.


1. The storm rocked the ship violently.

2. The artist painstakingly worked at his masterpiece.

3. Dad was offered a free gift by the firm.

4. I read in the paper that the burglar had been caught.

5. The cricketers began their piercing calls at nightfall.

6. He wore a hat made of coconut fiber on his head.

7. Coffee is very popular in many parts of the world.

8. They could not explore the cave without a torch.

9. The shed was damaged during the storm.

10. James sat next to the dog talking to himself.