Punctuation: Colon

The colon (:) marks a bigger pause than that is expressed by the semicolon. It is sometimes used with a dash after it. We cancelled… Continue reading

Comma – Part II

To separate adjectives used in the predicative position Adjectives used in the predicative position are always separated by commas. He is tall, dark and handsome.… Continue reading


The punctuation mark comma (,) has the following uses. To connect the items in a list Commas are used to connect the items in a… Continue reading


The punctuation mark (‘) is called apostrophe. It has the following functions. In writing a contraction The apostrophe is used in writing a contraction. It… Continue reading


Hyphens are the short lines that separate the words in the expressions ‘non-English’ and ‘ex-husband’. When to use hyphens? We usually use a hyphen between… Continue reading