The structure do…ing is used to talk about activities that take a certain time or are repeated (for example hobbies and jobs). There is usually a determiner before the –ing form.

Read the following sentences.

  • He reads a lot.

We can express the same idea using the structure ‘do a lot of’.

  • He does a lot of reading.

More examples are given below.

  • She travels a lot. = She does a lot of traveling.
  • Your little boy talks a lot in the class. = Your little boy does a lot of talking in the class.
  • I rode a lot in my youth. = I used to do a lot of riding in my youth. / I did a lot of riding in my youth.
  • During the holidays we swam a lot at the beach. = During the holidays we did a lot of swimming at the beach.

Other determiners that can be used in this structure are: some, much, my, the.

  • During the holidays I did some swimming and a lot of sleeping.

Note that the verb after do cannot have an object in this structure.

In negative structures we can use don’t do much + ing form.

  • I don’t do much writing.
  • She doesn’t do much gardening.
  • I don’t do much reading.
  • I didn’t do much riding in my youth.
  • I don’t do much traveling.
  • We don’t do much cooking at home.
  • Their children don’t do much playing.