Easily confused words Quiz 1

Confusing words are words that are very similar in spelling or pronunciation. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence. Each question has only one correct answer.

1.      The speaker made several ————— to mythology in his speech.

a)      Illusions
b)      Allusions

2.      We must make every effort to ————- a Third World War.

a)      Avert
b)      Invert

3.      He has great ————— for his daughter.

a)      Affection
b)      Affectation

4.      He is an —————- rogue.

a)      Artful
b)      Artificial

5.      Success often depends on a person’s ability to ——————– himself / herself to changing circumstances.

a)      Adapt
b)      Adopt

6.      I hate ————– in speech or manner.

a)      Affection
b)      Affectation

7.      The writer has failed to support his arguments with ————– quotations.

a)      Apposite
b)      Opposite

8.      She looked lovely in her ————— dress.

a)      Bridle
b)      Bridal

9.      A child’s mind requires —————- surroundings to develop well.

a)      Congenital
b)      Congenial

10.  He is ————– to violent methods.

a)      Averse
b)      Adverse

11.  I can —————- the bare principles of the Special Theory of Relativity, but I can’t ————  the full implications of that theory.

a)      Apprehend, comprehend
b)      Comprehend, apprehend

12.  Her —————- qualities endear her to everybody.

a)      Amiable
b)      Amicable


1.      Allusions
2.      Avert
3.      Affection
4.      Artful
5.      Adapt
6.      Affectation
7.      Apposite
8.      Bridal
9.      Congenial
10.  Averse
11.  Apprehend, comprehend
12.  Amiable