Indirect speech exercise

Change the following sentences into indirect speech.

1. He said to me, ‘You are very ambitious.’

2. He said to me, ‘Your father has sent you a gift.’

3. James said, ‘I am working against heavy odds.’

4. He said to me, ‘I have often told you not to play with fire.’

5. ‘You have done very badly,’ remarked the teacher.

6. They wrote, ‘It is time we settled the matter.’

7. The mother said, ‘I am longing for my son’s return.’

8. He wrote, ‘I am unable to come just now because I am ill.’

9. She said, ‘I left school long ago.’

10. I said to her, ‘I have not seen him in years.’


1. He told me that I was very ambitious. OR He remarked that I was very ambitious.

2. He told me that my father had sent me a gift.

3. James said that he was working against heavy odds.

4. He reminded me that he had often told me not to play with fire.

5. The teacher remarked that we had done very badly.

6. They wrote that it was time we settled the matter.

7. The mother said that she was longing for her son’s return.

8. He wrote that he was unable to come just then because he was ill.

9. She said that she had left school long ago.

10. I told her that I had not seen him in years.