Parts of speech exercise

What part of speech is each of the words in italics?

  1. Muslims fast in the month of Ramzan.
  2. He is the right man in the right place.
  3. There is not much truth in what he says.
  4. His theories are hard to understand.
  5. A little learning is a dangerous thing.
  6. Still waters run deep.
  7. What annoys me most is his obstinacy.
  8. As he was ambitious, I felt that I shouldn’t trust him.
  9. He is like his father.
  10. Do not talk like that.
  11. The next moment he was dead.
  12. He has been ill since yesterday.
  13. They are all waiting for you.
  14. It has been raining since yesterday.
  15. Age brings wisdom.


  1. Fast: verb
  2. Right: adjective (modifies the noun place)
  3. Truth: abstract noun
  4. Hard: adjective (complement of the noun theories)
  5. Dangerous:  adjective (modifies the noun thing)
  6. Waters:  noun
  7. Annoys:  verb
  8. Trust: verb
  9. Like:  preposition
  10. That: demonstrative pronoun
  11. Next:  adjective
  12. Since: preposition
  13. Waiting: verb
  14. Since: preposition
  15. Age: abstract noun