Passive voice exercise

A sentence in the active voice can be changed into the passive voice and vice versa. Change the following active sentences into passive sentences.

1. He showed me a photo.

2. This box contains chocolates.

3. Who does not hate liars?

4. Solve this problem.

5. I expect you to do the work.

6. His conduct shocked his mother.

7. He could do nothing.

8. Do you know this gentleman?

9. Do not tease the animals.

10. Lower the price.

11. The speaker’s charming voice impressed the audience very much.

12. I cannot permit this.


1. A photo was shown to me by him. OR I was shown a photo by him.

2. Chocolates are contained in this box.

3. By whom are liars not hated?

4. Let this problem be solved.

5. I expect the work to be done by you.

6. His mother was shocked by his conduct.

7. Nothing could be done by him.

8. Is this gentleman known to you?

9. Let the animals not be teased.

10. Let the price be lowered.

11. The audience was impressed by the speaker’s charming voice.

12. This cannot be permitted.