Phrasal verbs with see

Set is used in a number of common phrasal verbs. Here is a list of them.

Set about

To set about one’s work is to make a start.

She set about the problem with her characteristic enthusiasm.

Set apart

It is her charisma that sets her apart from the rest.

Set apart for

Several hectors of land have been set apart for building the park.

Set aside

To set something aside is to put it separately.

Set some money aside for your retirement.

Set somebody or something back

Stop or slow down the progress of somebody or something

She set the hands of the clock back.

Set forth – start a journey

We set forth in the morning.

Set in – start and seem likely to continue.

Winter has set in.

Set off – start a journey; explode; cause people to begin laughing or talking etc.

Set on somebody – attack him

Set somebody or something on – cause or urge to attack

Set out – start a journey etc.

Set to – begin vigorously

Set up – begin business as a carpenter etc.

Set somebody or something up – get somebody started in business

His uncle set him up in their family business.

Set somebody an example – show, by one’s own behavior, how others should behave

Set the pace – go at a pace which others must keep up with

Set somebody’s mind at rest – assure them that everything is alright

Set something against something

To set something against something is to compare one thing with another.

This year’s profits have been disappointing when set against last year’s.