Prepositions indicating position close to a point

To talk about position close to a point, we use the following prepositions: near, by, next to, between, among and opposite.


Near means close to someone or something

  • There is a temple near my house.
  • Some students were standing near the gate.
  • Most shops near the station remained closed throughout the day.
  • ‘Is the railway station far from here?’ ‘No, it is quite near.’
  • Who is that girl sitting near the door?


By means beside or close to someone or something

  • She was sitting by the window.
  • There is a coffee house by the store.
  • Come and sit by me.

Next to

Next to means besides or very near to someone or something.

  • Who is that girl sitting next to your brother?
  • She has bought an apartment next to the lake. (There is nothing between her apartment and the lake.)
  • The baby was sleeping next to his parents.
  • A large mango tree grows next to my house.

Between and among

They both show position between / among objects.

  • She sat between her two kids. (There was a child on each side of her.)
  • I found the keys lying among the books.


Opposite means ‘on the other side of a room, road, river etc.’

  • The bedroom is opposite the living room.
  • There is a library opposite the school. (= The library is on the other side of the road from the school.)