How to report questions?

In direct questions, the auxiliary verb comes before the subject. In reported questions, the subject comes before the verb/auxiliary verb. While reporting questions, we have to use an appropriate reporting verb like ask. Reported questions do not end with a question mark.

Study the following examples.

  • He said, ‘Where are you leaving?’
  • He asked me when I was leaving. (NOT He asked me when was I leaving?)
  • The girl said, ‘Do you know where the nearest post office is?’
  • The girl asked me if I knew where the nearest post office was.

Yes/no questions are reported with if or whether.

  • The boy asked his mother, ‘Is there anything in the fridge?’
  • The boy asked his mother if there was anything in the fridge.
  • The teacher asked the students, ‘Do you believe in ghosts?’
  • The teacher asked the students if they believed in ghosts.


Report the following questions.

1. She asked, ‘Will you help me?’

2. The stranger asked, ‘Do you know where Krishna lives?’

3. She asked, ‘May I know the truth?’

4. She asked, ‘Have you met my cousin Jay?’

5. The teacher asked the boy, ‘Have you paid the fee?’


1. She asked me if I would help her.

2. The stranger asked me if I knew where Krishna lived.

3. She asked if she might know the truth.

4. She asked if I had met her cousin Jay.

5. The teacher asked the boy if he had paid the fee.