Reported speech exercise

Change the following into indirect speech.

1. ‘What do you want?’ he said to her.

2. ‘How is your father?’ he asked me.

3. ‘Are you coming home with me?’ he asked me.

4. He asked us, ‘Why are you all sitting there doing nothing?’

5. ‘Do you really come from China?’ the prince asked the young girl.

6. ‘Don’t you know the way home?’ I asked him.

7. ‘What is the proper way to answer this question, Dad?’ the boy asked.

8. ‘What have I done to deserve so severe a blow?’ the boy asked his master.

9. ‘Who are you?’ they asked.

10. ‘Will you get me a glass of water?’ the traveler asked the boy.


1. He asked her what she wanted.

2. He asked me how my father was.

3. He asked me if / whether I was going home with him.

4. He asked us why we were all sitting there doing nothing.

5. The prince asked the young girl if / whether she really came from China.

6. I asked him if /whether he didn’t know the way home.

7. The boy asked his Dad what the proper way to answer that question was.

8. The boy asked his master what he had done to deserve so severe a blow.

9. They asked me who I was.

10. The traveler asked the boy if he would get him a glass of water.