Sentence correction

Each sentence given below contains an underlined part which is not grammatically correct. From the options given below find the one which should replace the underlined part to make the sentence grammatically correct.

1. When they start investigating, they could detect several irregularities.

a) started investigate

b) start an investigation

c) started off investigation

d) started an investigation

2. The authorities must be stopped these undesirable activities immediately.

a) must have been stopped

b) must have stopped

c) must stop

d) must have stopping

3. Farmers in our country suffer because an over dependence on rain.

a) because of an over dependence

b) because over dependence

c) because off over dependence

d) none of these

4. Do you think that the agricultural sector deserve more attention than the industrial sector?

a) deserving more attention

b) deserves more attention

c) has deserving more attention

d) was deserved more attention

5. Automation in agriculture and farm management has lead to more unemployment.

a) has lid to more unemployment

b) has led to more unemployment

c) has leading to more unemployment

d) none of these


1. started an investigation

2. must stop

3. because of an over dependence

4. deserves more attention

5. has led to more unemployment