Tenses Exercise

Choose the correct form of the verb from the given alternatives.

1. I —————– Tokyo last summer.

a) visited
b) had visited
c) have visited

2.  See that the patient ——————– complete rest.

a) has
b) is having

c) will have

3. I ——————–  for his reply for two weeks now.

a) have been waiting
b) am waiting
c) had been waiting

4. I —————— to college to meet the principal.

a) went
b) go
c) had went

5. My brother ——————— tomorrow.

a) will have arrived
b) would arrive
c) is arriving

6. The train ——————- by the time we reach the train.

a) will leave
b) left
c) will have left

7. When I saw him he ——————— writing a letter.

a) was
b) had been
c) has been

8. Every morning I ——————- the paper.

a) will read
b) am reading
c) read

9. I will call you when the guests ——————

a) will arrive
b) will be arriving
c) arrive

10. Heat ——————— and cold ——————-

a) expands, contracts
b) is expanding, is contracting
c) had expanded, has contracted

11. He ——————– a novel since October, and he is about to finish it.

a) has been writing
b) had been writing
c) is writing

12. If you —————— hard, you would pass.

a) work
b) worked
c) had worked


1. a) visited
2. a) has
3. have been waiting
4. a) went
5. c) is arriving
6. c) will have left
7. a) was
8. c) read
9. c) arrive
10. a) expands, contracts
11. a) has been writing
12. b) worked