Travel expressions

Here is a list of some commonly used travel expressions with usage notes and examples.


The noun flight is used to talk about travel by air. It has a similar meaning to the verb ‘fly’.

  • The flight was delayed because of bad weather.
  • I have booked a flight to Chicago next week.
  • He is flying to London tomorrow.
  • It was my flight and I was very excited.


The verb drive is used to talk about travel by a four wheeled vehicle.

  • She drives really well.
  • He can drive for hours on end.

Drive can also be a countable noun.

  • Let’s go for a drive.
  • We went for a drive in the countryside.


To ride is to sit and be carried by a horse, a bicycle or a motor bike.

  • He can ride a bicycle.
  • She rides her bicycle to school.
  • Let’s go for a ride on our bikes.

People also travel on foot. The verbs and nouns commonly used to talk about these movements are walk, run, sprint and jog.

Walking is the slowest of these four movements. Jogging is a bit faster. Health conscious people often jog in the morning or in the evening. Running is faster than jogging. Sprinting is the fastest of the four.

  • I go for a walk every morning.
  • There are numerous pleasant walks in the district.
  • Jogging is healthy for you.
  • If you had run a bit faster, you would have finished first.
  • He sprinted the final 50 meters and finished first.