Words commonly confused

Admit and confess

To admit is to acknowledge truth. Admit can also mean ‘allow somebody to enter’.

I must admit that it was a tempting offer.


To confess is to admit having done something wrong.

She confessed having stolen the money.

Amount and number

Use amount before an uncountable noun. Use number with a countable noun.

A large amount of money was wasted on the project.

A large number of people took part in the competition.

Anxious and eager

When you are anxious, you are feeling nervous or worried.

I am anxious about his health. (= I am worried about your health.)


When you are eager to do something you are enthusiastic and excited about it.

She is eager to prove her mettle.

We are eager to see you healthy again.

Apt and liable

When you are apt to do something, you are likely to do something.

He is apt to get angry.

Liable means responsible.

You are liable for the damage caused by your action.

Audience and spectators

Audience means people listening to a radio program.

The speaker bored the audience with his long speech.

A spectator is a person who watches a match or a show.

The dancers enchanted the spectators with their magical performance.

Climate and weather

Climate means the typical weather in a region over a period of years.

The climate of Mumbai is better than the climate of Chennai.


Weather means the state of atmosphere on a particular day.

The weather was stormy.