Words confused

Couple and pair

Couple: a husband and wife or a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Two couples remained on the dance floor.

Pair: two things of the same kind which go together.

Example: a pair of shoes, a pair of trousers

Despise and detest

Despise: have a very low opinion of someone or something; regard someone as worthless.

One must not despise the poor.

Detest: hate

I detest the hot climate of Chennai.

Habit and custom

Habit: something which a person does so often that he does it without thinking about it

Custom: the usual or normal way of doing things

It is our custom to give presents on Christmas Day.

John has this nasty habit of making unpleasant remarks.

Leave and let

Leave: to go away from somewhere; to put something somewhere and allow it to stay there

Leave your shoes outside.

I left my coat in the bedroom.

Let: allow someone to do something; allow something to happen

Let him go.

Legible and readable

Legible: clearly written, easy to read

Readable: writing that is easy or pleasant to read

Your handwriting is not at all legible.

The book was full of technical jargon which made it hardly readable.

Patron and customer

Patron: person who supports financially the artistic or social work of a person or society

The artist thanked his patrons.

Customer: person buying things in a shop

He is a regular customer of ours.

People and person

Person: a man, woman or child

People: men and women in general; all those persons forming a nation or race

Government of the people by the people for the people

He is a nice person.