How to write a thank-you letter?

Somebody has just offered you a good job or sent you a nice gift. Writing a ‘Thank you letter’ is the best way to show your appreciation. Here are a few tips to write a courteous thank-you letter.

Address your letter to a specific person

Whether you are writing a thank-you letter or some other letter, it is always a good idea to address your letter to a specific person.

Be sincere

Do not send a thank-you letter just for the sake of sending it. The tone of your letter must be sincere. Most people can easily sense it when are being dishonest.

The purpose of a thank-you letter is to express your gratitude. And hence stick to that point. Avoid the temptation to discuss other things in a thank-you letter.

Close the letter appropriately. For example, you may reaffirm the gratitude. Or you can indicate your intention to continue contact.

Send it as soon as possible

Write the letter as soon as possible. For example, somebody has sent you a gift. Ideally, you should write a thank-you letter within 24 hours of receiving the gift. A thank-you letter sent two or three weeks later doesn’t have much value.

Be concise

Keep it short and simple. A thank-you letter has to be short. You must still be able to convey the message clearly. Choose the right words that would remind the person of your appreciation.