Active and passive voice exercise

Change the voice. Sentences in the active voice should be changed into the passive and sentences in the passive voice should be changed into the active.

1. We elected Peter captain.

2. I saw him opening the parcel.

3. We must listen to his advice.

4. Will I ever forget those happy days?

5. By whom was this glass broken?

6. One cannot pluck grapes from thistles.

7. Without effort, nothing can be gained.

8. Do not insult the weak and the oppressed.

9. All desire wealth and some acquire it.

10. The information is kept on our computer.

11. He was refused admittance.

12. The people regarded him as a traitor.


1. Peter was elected captain.

2. He was seen opening the parcel.

3. His advice must be listened to.

4. Will those happy days ever be forgotten?

5. Who broke this glass?

6. Grapes cannot be plucked from thistles.

7. Without effort, we can gain nothing.

8. Let the weak and the oppressed not be insulted.

9. Wealth is desired by all and is acquired by some.

10. We keep the information on our computer.

11. They refused him admittance.

12. He was regarded as a traitor.