Active and passive voice exercise

Change the following active sentences into passive voice.

1. I did not beat her.

2. I will never forget this experience.

3. Mother made a cake yesterday.

4. The boy teased the girl.

5. Did she do her duty?

6. The tiger was chasing the deer.

7. She has written a novel.

8. She has learned her lessons.

9. Have you finished the report?

10. The police have caught the thief.

11. My brother has completed the work.

12. Somebody stole my pen yesterday.

13. Our team may win the match.

14. Nurses look after patients.


1. She was not beaten by me.

2. This experience will never be forgotten by me.

3. A cake was made by mother yesterday.

4. The girl was teased by the boy.

5. Was her duty done by her?

6. The deer was being chased by the tiger.

7. A novel has been written by her.

8. Her lessons have been learned by her.

9. Has the report been finished by you?

10. The thief has been caught by the police.

11. The work has been completed by my brother.

12. My pen was stolen by somebody yesterday.

13. The match may be won by our team.

14. Patients are looked after by nurses.


The object of the active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb. The subject of the active verb becomes the object of the passive verb.

Note that the object of the passive verb is not always mentioned. If we have to mention it, we usually introduce it by the conjunction ‘by’.