Change into active voice

Rewrite the following sentences in the active form.

1. He is being deceived by his own friends.

2. Prince Hamlet was welcomed by the people.

3. The proposal has been rejected by the committee.

4. I have been given much cause for anxiety.

5. Have my orders been carried out by you?

6. The story was eagerly listened to.

7. Our lives are wasted in anticipation.

8. The tree was uprooted by the storm.

9. The wounded persons were taken to hospital by the police.

10. By whom was this piece of composition written?

11. America was discovered by Columbus.

12. Is John taught by you?


1. His own friends are deceiving him.

2. The people welcomed Prince Hamlet.

3. The committee has rejected the proposal.

4. They /he/she/ you have given me much cause for anxiety.

5. Have you carried out my orders?

6. We /he/she/they eagerly listened to the story.

7. We waste our lives in anticipation.

8. The storm uprooted the tree.

9. The police took the wounded persons to the hospital.

10. Who wrote this piece of composition?

11. Columbus discovered America.

12. Do you teach John?