Collocations with -ing forms

Here is a list of collocations with –ing forms.

A balancing act

This expression is used to refer to a situation that requires careful handling of opinions, views or activities.

An eating disorder

An eating disorder is a psychological or medical problem. People suffering from an eating disorder eat either too much or too little food.

A drinking problem

A person suffering from a drinking problem is an alcoholic.

A running mate

If you are trying to get elected as the president of your country, you will pick someone as your ‘running mate’. In this case, if you become the president, your ‘running mate’ will become the vice president.

Growing pains

Used to refer to the problems that an organization experiences as it grows.

Asking price

The asking price is the price suggested by the seller. Of course, the buyer can negotiate for a lower price.

Purchasing power

Purchasing power is the ability of the person to buy things with their money.

Breeding ground

A place that encourages the development of ideas and activities

Breathing space / room

This expression is often used metaphorically. When you have breathing space, you have enough time / money / resources to relax.

Shopping spree

When you go on a shopping spree, you spend a lot of money and buy a lot of things.

Stepping stone

A stepping stone is something that helps you reach a higher goal.