Determiners – Part III

If we have to put a group B determiner before a pronoun, we use of

  • Neither of them came.
  • All of us will come.

Group A + Group B
The Group B determiners many, most, little, least and few can be used after Group A determiners.

  • His many ideas
  • A few doubts
  • The most money
  • The least time

Other determiners
There are a few determiners that do not fit into group A or B. Examples are: other, such, what, another and only. Other and only are used after group A determiners. Such and what (in exclamations) come before the indefinite article a/an.

  • My other brother (NOT Other my brother)
  • The other day
  • The only reason
  • What a pity (NOT A what pity)
  • Such a beautiful girl (NOT A such beautiful girl)

Determiners without nouns
Determiners can be used without nouns if the meaning is understood.

  • ‘Which color do you want?’ ‘This will do.’ (= This color will do.)
  • ‘Do you like Hemingway’s books?’ ‘I haven’t read any.

Possessive determiners

Possessives (except which and his) have different forms when they are used without nouns. The forms without nouns are: mine, yours, his, hers, theirs, and ours. These are often called possessive pronouns.

The possessive forms used with nouns are: my, your, his, her, their and our.


  • That is my bag.
  • That bag is mine.

The possessives its and one’s are not used without nouns.