Expressions with through

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word through.

Half-way through / part-way through

If something happens half-way through, it happens in the middle of an activity.

  • They were forced to stop work half-way through the project.
  • We left half-way through the concert.

Monday through Friday

From Monday until the end of Friday. Note that this expression is mainly used in American English.

  • We are open Monday through Friday.

Shine through / come through

If a certain quality shines through someone, it is quite noticeable in the way they behave.

  • A quality of simplicity shone through her writings.

Through and through

This expression is used to suggest that somebody has all the qualities associated with a certain type of person.

  • He was a through and thorough gentleman. (= He possessed all the qualities of a gentleman.)
  • She is fun through and through.

A through train

When you use a through train, you will not have to change trains. It will take you all the way to your destination.

Be through with someone

When you are through with someone, you have ended your relationship with them.

  • I think Susie is through with Mike.

Be through with something

When you are through with something, you have finished using it.

  • Let me know when you are through with the computer. I have got to check my email.

When you are through with something you have decided to stop doing it.

  • I am through with dieting.

Wet through / soaked through

When you are wet through you are extremely wet.

  • Change your clothes immediately. You are wet through.