Passive voice exercise

Change the following sentences into the passive.

1. I love him.

2. We cheered the players.

3. The hunter shot the tiger.

4. Mr. James will give you a present.

5. They carried the patient home.

6. She has done her work.

7. Do it at once.

8. Carry it home.

9. Do not pluck the flowers.

10. Don’t touch it.

11. Can anybody cure it?

12. Why did he punish you?


1. He is loved by me.

2. The players were cheered by us.

3. The tiger was shot by the hunter.

4. You will be given a present by Mr. James. OR A present will be given to you by Mr. James.

5. The patient was carried home.

6. Her work has been done by her.

7. Let it be done at once.

8. Let it be carried home.

9. Let the flowers not be plucked.

10. Let it not be touched.

11. Can it be cured?

12. Why were you punished by him?


In a passive clause, we usually use a phrase beginning with by if we want to mention the agent – the person or thing that does the action. Note, however, that agents are mentioned in only about 20 percent of passive clauses.