Prepositions after particular words and expressions

Bad at

He is not bad at badminton.


When believe means accept as true it is used without a preposition.

I won’t believe a word you say.

Believe in

Do you believe in ghosts?

Belong in / on (= have its place in / on)

Those books belong on the top shelf.

Belong to (= be a member of)

I belong to a local athletics club.

Blue with, red with, green with etc.

She went green with envy.

Clever at

She is not very clever at singing.

Congratulate somebody on something

I must congratulate you on your success.

Congratulate on / for doing something

He congratulated me on / for having won the first prize.

Crash into

The car crashed into a tree.

Depend on / dependent on

We might cancel the trip – it depends on the weather.

He is dependent on his parents.

Details of

Write now for details of our special offer.

Die of / from

He died of Malaria.

A week after the accident he died from his injuries.

Difficulty with something / difficulty in doing something

I have difficulty with my travel arrangements.

We had no difficulty in finding his address.

Disappointed with somebody

He is disappointed with his son.

Disappointed with / at / about something

I am disappointed with my performance.

Discussion about

We had a long discussion about philosophy.

Note that the verb discuss is used without a preposition.

Let’s discuss your plans. (NOT Let’s discuss about your plans.