Sentence connectors showing addition

If you have a good understanding of different sentence patterns you will be able to express yourself in several different ways. One of the best ways to add sophistication to your writing style is to use sentence connectors.

There are mainly two types of sentence connectors: conjunctions and relative pronouns.

Sentence connectors showing addition

We can show addition using several different connecting words. The common connecting words used to show addition are: and, not only…but also, as well as, in addition, additionally, moreover, also, furthermore, in addition to

Jacob took his pen out and started writing.

The police arrived first and the ambulance came soon after.

She has got a car as well as a motorbike.

She has got not only a motorbike, but also a car.

The officer is unwilling to admit his mistake. Moreover, he has proved that he is totally incapable of handling the situation.

The refugees are short of food. Furthermore, they desperately need medical assistance.

The cricketer played badly. In addition, he was extremely rude to a press photographer.

She not only sings; she also plays the piano.

Note that the expressions moreover and furthermore are very formal. In a less formal style, we use expressions like on top of that, what is more and besides.

She borrowed my bicycle and never gave it back. On top of that she broke my camera and then pretended that she hadn’t.