Verbs exercise

Fill in the blanks with the proper tense or form of the verb given in the brackets.

1.       He (win) a prize for standing first in the quiz competition.

2.       Have you (carry out) my instructions?

3.       I (wait) since morning.

4.       The box was so heavy that the boy (can) not lift it.

5.       When I saw the child, he (cry).

6.       I (go) to my native place a week ago.

7.       We got our roof (repair) before the rainy season set in.

8.       Not one of them dreamt of doing what he never (attempt) to do.

9.       She (reach) the railway station before the train came.

10.   I (leave) school last year.



1.       Won

2.       Carried out

3.       Have been waiting

4.       Could

5.       Was crying

6.       Went

7.       Repaired

8.       Attempted

9.       Had reached

10.    Left