Which word is wrong?

From the given options choose the word or phrase that needs to be removed from the sentence to make it grammatically correct.

1. I have met him a few days ago.

a) have

b) few

c) ago

2. Would you like some other peas?

a) some

b) other

c) peas

3. Janet, who is my best friend, she is on holiday at the moment.

a) who

b) she

c) on

d) at

 4. The baby resembles to its mother.

a) resembles

b) to

c) its

5. The train had left before we reached to the station.

a) had

b) left

c) reached

d) to

6. He was so big a man such that he could not sit in that chair.

a) so

b) that

c) such

d) not

7. Why don’t you think more about others people?

a) don’t

b) more

c) others

c) people

8. Perhaps you could correct any of mistakes I have made.

a) any

b) perhaps

c) of

d) have

9. The life is quite complicated.

a) the

b) is

c) quite

10. Have you got a cheaper sort of a camera?

a) got

b) cheaper

c) sort

d) of

e) a


1. have (The present perfect tense cannot be used with adverbs of past time.)

2. other (The sentence should read: Would you like some peas? / Would you like some more peas?)

3. she

4. to (The verb resemble can be directly followed by its object. No preposition is used in this case.)

5. to

6. such

7. people (The sentence should read: Why don’t you think more about others? / Why don’t you think more about other people?)

8. of (The sentence should read: Perhaps you could correct any mistakes I have made. / …any of the mistakes I have made.)

9. the (No article is necessary.)

10. a (The sentence should read: Have you got a cheaper sort of camera?)