Words with appropriate prepositions

Some verbs, adjectives and nouns are followed by particular prepositions. Here are some of the most common combinations. Note that alternatives are sometimes possible, and that British and American usage sometimes differ.

Absorbed in
He is completely absorbed in his research work.

Abstain from
You must abstain from smoking and drinking.

Acceptable to
That suggestion is not acceptable to us.

Acquainted with
I am only slightly acquainted with him.

Acquitted of
James was acquitted of the charge of theft.

Adapt to
One must learn to adapt oneself to changing circumstances.

Addicted to
James is addicted to gambling.

Admit to
He was admitted to the Medical College.

Admit of
This is an urgent matter which admits of no delay.

Allotted to
I have performed the task allotted to me.

Amazed at
I was amazed at her performance.

Anxious to
She is anxious to hear from her son.

Avail … of
Avail yourself of this opportunity.

Aware of
I am not aware of their plans.

Backward in
She is rather backward in her studies.

Believe in
Do you believe in ghosts?

Boast of
She boasts of her aristocratic upbringing.

Brood over
Don’t brood over past failures.

Call at (=visit)
On the way we called at a friend’s house.

Call for (= demand)
The principal has called for an explanation from the suspended students.

Care for
I don’t care for your objections. I have decided to do it.