Adjectives: exercise

Pick out the adjectives in the following sentences and state what function they serve in the sentences.

1. The car sustained heavy damage in the accident.

2. Every dog has his day.

3. He is a man of few words.

4. Neither answer is quite right.

5. The way was long, the wind was cold, the minstrel was infirm and old.

6. John won the first prize in the quiz competition.

7. The boy stood on the burning deck.

8. King Francis was a hearty king and loved a royal sport.

9. He is a brave fellow.

10. In the furrowed land stood the patient oxen.


1. adjective: heavy (modifies the noun damage)

2. adjective: every (modifies the noun dog)

3. adjective: few (modifies the noun words)

4. adjective: neither (modifies the noun answer)

5. adjective: long (modifies the noun way), adjective: cold (modifies the noun wind), adjective: infirm (modifies the noun minstrel), adjective:  old (modifies the noun minstrel)

6. adjective: first (modifies the noun price)

7. adjective: burning (modifies the noun deck)

8. adjective: hearty (modifies the noun king), adjective: royal (modifies the noun sport)

9. adjective: brave (modifies the noun fellow)

10. adjective: furrowed (modifies the noun land), adjective: patient (modifies the noun oxen)