Some adverb phrases in common use

Above all: before all other considerations

Above all, be honest.

After all: in spite of every fact to the contrary

We should let her do what she wants. After all, she is a big girl now.

All the same: nevertheless

He does not appear to be very intelligent. All the same, we may appoint him.

All of a sudden: suddenly

All of a sudden, the roof collapsed.

At the moment: right now

Nothing more can be done at the moment.

As a matter of fact: in reality

She does not look more than twenty-five. As a matter of fact she is pushing thirty-five.

At any rate: no matter what

I will come at any rate.

Before long: in a short while

He returned before long.

By and by: After a while; gradually; over a period of time

By and by the excitement died down.

By far: in a great degree or by a great difference

He is by far the most brilliant boy in the class.

By the way: incidentally

By the way, I have got some good news for you.

By no means: in no way

He can, by no means, enter my premises without my permission.

Far and wide

His fame spread far and wide.

For certain

I know for certain that she is a con-woman.