Adverbs exercise

Underline the adverbs in the following sentences.

1. Don’t speak loudly. We are in the church.

2. Can I come tomorrow?

3. Are you busy now?

4. Don’t worry. You will hear from us soon.

5. Listen carefully to what I say.

6. The sun is shining brightly.

7. I had a strange experience yesterday.

8. I wanted to talk to her but she hastily left the room.

9. He is standing outside.

10. This has been going on for a while.

11. She would never have been promoted if she hadn’t changed jobs.

12. Only you can do a thing like that.

13. You can always come and stay with us if you want to.

14. Next, I want to say something about the future.

15. He probably thinks that you don’t like him.


1. loudly

2. tomorrow

3. now

4. soon

5. carefully

6. brightly

7. yesterday

8. hastily

9. outside

10. while

11. never

12. only

13. always

14. next

15. probably