Conjunctions Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions.

1. Coming late, James tiptoed into the room —————— he should disturb the class.

a) lest
b) so that
c) in order than
d) for

2. I worked hard —————– I might win the first prize.

a) for
b) so that
c) lest
d) because

3. She spoke in such a low voice —————- few could hear her.

a) for
b) that
c) as
d) so

4. She was —————– weak that she could hardly stand.

a) too
b) so
c) as
d) very

5. That is Peter, —————– I am mistaken.

a) if
b) unless
c) whether
d) so long as

6. We will have plenty to eat ——————- that no uninvited guests turn up.

a) so that
b) unless
c) provided
d) whether

7. I will forgive you ——————– you don’t repeat the offence.

a) on condition that
b) lest
c) as if
d) though

8. They were disappointed ——————- you weren’t in.

a) that
b) such that
c) so that

d) so

9. There will be no trouble —————- you keep your mouth shut.

a) unless
c) whether
c) so long as
d) so that

10. ——————– were his words and gestures that the listeners were hypnotized.

a) so
b) such
c) as
d) that


1. a) lest
2. b) so that
3. b) that
4. b) so
5. b) unless
6. c) provided
7. a) on condition that
8. a) that
9. c) so long as
10. b) such