Correct use of some prepositions

Study the following sentences. They contain some common mistakes in the use of prepositions.


Incorrect: This resembles to that.

Correct: This resembles that.

Incorrect: The baby resembles with her mother.

Correct: The baby resembles her mother.

The verb resemble does not take a preposition before its object.


Incorrect: He wrote me.

Correct: He wrote to me.

Incorrect: Write to me a letter.

Correct: Write me a letter.

When write has no direct object, we put to before the indirect object.


Incorrect: I shall explain them this.

Correct: I shall explain this to them.

The verb explain is followed by direct object + preposition + indirect object.


Incorrect: He invited me in dinner.

Correct: He invited me to dinner.

Invite takes the preposition to after it.


Incorrect: He reached to the station.

Correct: He reached the station.

The verb reach does not take a preposition before its object.

Incorrect: He is favorite with his friends.

Correct: He is a favorite with his friends.


Incorrect: She did ask any question to him.

Correct: She did not ask him any question.

Ask is usually followed by indirect object + direct object.

Waste, spend

Incorrect: We should not waste much time in trifles.

Correct: We should not waste much time on trifles.

Incorrect: He spent a lot of money in daughter’s wedding.

Correct: He spent a lot of money on his daughter’s wedding.