Direct and indirect speech exercise

Change the following sentences into indirect speech.

1. The stranger said to me, ‘Could you help me?’

2. The clerk said to the officer, ‘Can I go?’

3. The officer said to the clerk, ‘Do it immediately.’

4. The doctor said to the patient, ‘Come in, please.’

5. The master said to the boy, ‘Post this letter at once.’

6. The teacher said to the boys, ‘Do not make a noise.’

7. The teacher said to the boys, ‘Work hard if you want to pass the exam.’

8. I said to the child, ‘Do not look down into the well.’


1. The stranger asked me if I could help him.

2. The clerk asked the officer if he could go.

3. The officer ordered the clerk to do it immediately.

4. The doctor politely allowed the patient to come in. OR The doctor politely asked the patient to come in.

5. The master ordered the boy to post that letter at once.

6. The teacher forbade the boys from making a noise.

7. The teacher advised the boys to work hard if they wanted to pass the exam.

8. I warned the child not to look down into the well.


‘Please’ and ‘kindly’ call for the use of the verb ‘requested’. However, please is also used in orders and instructions. In that case, we will have to use a reporting verb like ordered, instructed or asked.