Expressions with speak

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word speak. Each expression is followed by its meaning or definition. Example sentences are also given.

Broadly speaking / generally speaking

This expression is used when you talk about something in general.

  • Generally speaking, people are nice when you are nice to them.

no…to speak of

This is used for saying that something is not important.

  • She has no experience to speak of.

Not on speaking terms

When you are not on speaking terms with another person, you are very angry with them and won’t talk to them.

  • He and his wife are not on speaking terms.

Speak for itself

If something speaks for itself, it is clearly so good.

  • Her success as a writer speaks for itself.

Speak for yourself

Use this expression to suggest that your opinion is different from that of others.

  • ‘No one wants to go to the theater tonight.’ ‘Speak for yourself! I do.’

Speaking of

This expression is used to introduce something new.

  • Speaking of money, have you paid the utility bill?

Speak your mind

To speak your mind is to say what you think even if it hurts or offends others.

  • I like her because she speaks her mind.
  • She was a strong-willed woman who always spoke her mind.

Speak volumes

If something speaks volumes it provides a lot of information.

  • His silence on the issue speaks volumes.