Uses of the future progressive tense

The future progressive tense is used to say that something will be in progress at a particular moment in the future.

  • This time tomorrow I will be playing with my kids.

The future progressive tense is also used to talk about future events which are fixed or decided. It does not suggest the idea of personal intention.

  • You will be hearing from us in the coming weeks.
  • I will be seeing you one of these days.

The future progressive tense can be used to predict the present.

  • Don’t phone them now – they will be having dinner.

Polite enquiries

The future progressive can be used to make polite enquiries about people’s plans.

  • Will you be staying till the weekend? (Much more polite than ‘Will you stay till the weekend?’)

By using the future progressive we are suggesting that we simply want to know the listener’s plans.


  • Will you be coming with me? (very polite enquiry)
  • Are you coming with me? (polite but a pressing enquiry)
  • Will you come with me? (instruction or order)

Progressive form with going to

A progressive form of the going to structure is sometimes used to talk about events that will be in progress in the future.

  • I am going to be working all day tomorrow.