Gerunds after prepositions

Do not use the infinitive with certain words which require a preposition followed by a gerund or an –ing form.

Examples of such words and the preposition that usually go with them are given below:

Bent on

He is bent on attending the meeting. (NOT He is bent on to attend the meeting.) (NOT He is bent to attend the meeting.)

Desirous of

She is desirous of finding a good job. (NOT She is desirous to find a good job.)

Capable of

He is capable of doing it.

Chance of

I always knew that we had no chance of succeeding.

Aim at

We must aim at reaching the top of the mountain.

Assist in

Will you assist me in cleaning the windows?

Confident of

I am confident of winning.

Addicted to

He is addicted to gambling.

Fond of

She is fond of reading detective novels.

Prevent from

She prevented me from entering her house.

Insist on

She insisted on coming with me.

Expert in

He is an expert in making clay idols.

Intent on

I intent on visiting my old friends during the Christmas holidays.

Refrain from

One must refrain from hurting other people’s sentiments.

Excuse somebody for

Excuse me for being late.

Succeed in

She succeeded in getting the first prize.