Grammar exercise

1. Which of the following sentences are grammatically correct?

a) Susie applied for the job

b) Susie apply for the job

c) Susie will applied for the job

d) Susie was applied for the job

2. Complete the following sentence with a suitable phrase.

A true friend ……………………… you during hard times.

a) stand by

b) stands by

c) stood by

d) standing by

3. Find the meaning of the idiom: Make up your mind

a) decide

b) remind

c) detect

d) invent

4. Find the proverb closest in meaning to the sentence given below:

You will succeed if you work diligently and persistently.

a) A stitch in time saves nine.

b) Slow and steady wins the race.

c) A rolling stone gathers no moss.

d) Early to bed early to rise makes you healthy and wise.

5. Find the meaning of the proverb: All that glitters is not gold

a) Appearances can be deceptive

b) Gold shines always

c) All shiny things are precious

d) Success succeeds success

6. Identify the feminine gender of ‘gentleman’ from the given options.

a) gentlewoman

b) lady

c) lord

d) gentlemen

7. Choose a word that denotes a collection of wolves.

a) pack

b) herd

c) group

d) pair

8. Choose the correct sound and fill in the blank.

The birds were ………………….. loudly.

a) cawing

b) hissing

c) mowing

d) chirping

9. Choose the correct sound and fill in the blank.

I heard the …………………… of a drum.

a) clang

b) bang

c) buzz

d) beat


1. Susie applied for the job.

2. Stands by

3. Decide

4. Slow and steady wins the race

5. Appearances can be deceptive

6. Lady

7. Pack

8. Chirping

9. Beat