Indirect speech exercise

Change the following sentences into indirect speech.

1. I said, ‘Yes, sir, this is the way to be happy and rich.’

2. The teacher said, ‘James, learn your lesson.’

3. He said to me, ‘I will have you sent to prison, you rascal.’

4. ‘How glad I am,’ said John, ‘to meet my friend here!’

5. The child said, ‘Hurrah! Mother has come.’

6. The captain said to his team mates, ‘Bravo! Well done.’

7. The child said, ‘Oh! It is my doll.’

8. The police inspector said, ‘Let no one leave this room.’

9. The doctor said to the patient, ‘Do not smoke.’

10. Jim said to me, ‘Lend me your pen, please.’


1. I told him respectfully that that was the way to be happy and rich.

2. The teacher asked James to learn his lesson.

3. Calling me a rascal, he said that he would have me sent to prison.

4. John exclaimed with delight that he was glad to meet his friend there.

5. The child exclaimed with delight that his mother had come.

6. The captain congratulated his teammates, saying that they had done well.

7. The child cried with joy that it was his doll.

8. The police inspector ordered that no one should leave the room.

9. The doctor advised the patient not to smoke.

10. Jim requested me to lend him my pen.