Indirect speech exercise

Change the following into indirect speech.

1. Jane said, ‘Depend upon it, I will return in time.’

2. He said, ‘Good bye, my friend!’

3. The mother said to me, ‘Welcome home.’

4. The boy said, ‘Thank you for your help.’

5. He said to me, ‘I hope you are well.’

6. The accused said, ‘Sir, I am innocent.’

7. I said to him, ‘Obey your parents.’

8. The mother said to her daughter, ‘Do you know where the keys are?’

9. James asked me, ‘Can you spare some money for me?’

10. ‘Where are you going?’ said Voila to Rosalind.


1. Jane said that she was quite sure that she would return in time.

2. He bade his friend good bye.

3. My mother welcomed me home.

4. The boy thanked me for my help.

5. He expressed his hope that I was well.

6. The accused pleaded not guilty.

7. I advised him to obey his parents. OR I advised that he should obey his parents.

8. The mother asked her daughter if she knew where the keys were.

9. James asked me if I could spare some money for him.

10. Voila asked Rosalind where she was going.