Interrogative structures

January 1, 2011pdf

Subject + verb + interrogative + clause

  • I asked where she was going.
  • Nobody knows when he will arrive.
  • I wonder what he wants.
  • She showed how distressed she was.
  • I don’t understand why she behaved like that.
  • I could not decide what I should do next.

Common verbs which are usually used in this pattern are: say, ask, wonder, know, believe, imagine, decide, discuss, understand, show, reveal, find out, suggest and tell.

Subject + verb + noun / pronoun + interrogative + clause

Common verbs which are used in this pattern are: tell, ask, show, teach, advise and inform.

  • She asked me where I was going.
  • I showed them how they should do it.
  • Can you tell me where he lives?
  • Please tell me where I should turn off the main road.

Subject + verb + interrogative + to-infinitive

The most common verbs used in this pattern are: know, understand, wonder, remember, forget, decide, enquire, see, explain, guess, learn, consider

  • I don’t know how to do it.
  • She knows how to drive a car.
  • Tom couldn’t decide what to do next.
  • You should remember when to turn off the main road.
  • He forgot how to do it.

Subject + verb + noun / pronoun + interrogative + to-infinitive

  • I will show you how to operate it.
  • Please inform us how to get there.
  • He has taught me how to play chess.
  • Please advise me how to do it.
  • We asked him where to get tickets.
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