Make meaningful sentences

Unscramble the given sentences.

Make meaningful sentences using the given sets of words.

An example is given below.

  • Question: has / Susie / lessons / her / learned
  • Answer: Susie has learned her lessons.

1. there I six o’clock got to have be by

2. waiting we for have ages been.

3. their they in have already work handed.

4. working Supriya has for been us years for twenty.

5. your have you breakfast had?

6. Greek she has on six written mythology books.

7. start decided to a has business Emily.

8. family has my biggest my support been system always.

9. the they not dues paid have.

10. the we received shipment not have.

11. has she anybody never of a favor asked.

12. you have report on finished that working?


1. I have got to be there by six o’clock.

2. We have been waiting for ages.

3. They have already handed in their work.

4. Supriya has been working for us for twenty years.

5. Have you had your breakfast?

6. She has written six books on Greek mythology.

7. Emily has decided to start a business.

8. My family has always been my biggest support system.

9. They have not paid the dues.

10. We have not received the shipment yet.

11. She has never asked a favor of anybody.

12. Have you finished working on that report?