Prepositional phrases

A prepositional phrase is a set phrase introduced by a preposition. There are several prepositional phrases in English. They usually go at the end or at the beginning of sentences.

  • The teacher asked the boys to learn the poem by heart.

Here the expression by heart is an example of a prepositional phrase.

  • He bought the car for a heavy price, but had to sell it at a loss.
  • When he quit the job and started his own business, he didn’t know whether it was for better or worse.

Here is a list of some common prepositional phrases. Example sentences are also given.

In somebody’s opinion

In my opinion, colonialism is always bad.

From somebody’s point of view

He wrote about isolation from the point of view of a prisoner.

In my view

In my view, she is a pretty nice girl.

By the way

By the way, Ann has sent you her love.

At first

At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

From now on

From now on, I will be more careful while I drive.

At least

You should have waited for at least an hour.

At most = Not more than

You should spend at most $10 on the lunch.

At times = Sometimes

At times I feel like moving to the country.

At any rate

I will buy that car at any rate.

At last

At last he passed the test.

At the latest = no later than

We should have the report ready by Monday at the latest.

At once = immediately

When I called him he came at once.

On short notice

The meeting was called on short notice, so we didn’t get any time to prepare.