Prepositions Quiz 2

January 17, 2011pdf

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

1. The boy walked ——————– the road.

a) in
b) along
c) at
d) in to

2. The river flows ——————- the bridge.

a) along
b) under
c) on
d) beyond

3. The work was done —————– haste.

a) in
b) with
c) on
d) with

4. He died —————– his country.

a) at
b) for
c) with
d) between

5. The steam engine was invented —————— James Watt.

a) by
b) with
c) for
d) to

6. The robbers jumped —————– the compound wall.

a) over
b) under
c) inside
d) outside

7. The village was destroyed —————— fire.

a) by
b) with
c) between

d) around

8. He spoke —————- me —————— French.

a) to, in
b) in, to
c) at, with
d) to, over

9. They live —————— the same roof.

a) under
b) in
c) within
d) outside

10. I have not seen him ——————– last Wednesday.

a) for
b) since
c) from
d) between

11. I have known him ——————- a long time.

a) since
b) for
c) from
d) between

12. This is a matter —————– little importance.

a) of
b) over
c) with
d) off

13. He has not yet recovered —————— his illness.

a) from
b) on
c) of
d) off

14. I shall do it —————— pleasure.

a) with
b) by
c) from
d) to

15. He broke the jug ——————- a hundred pieces.

a) in
b) into
c) by
d) at


1. b) along
2. b) under
3. a) in
4. b) for
5. a) by
6. a) over
7. a) by
8. a) to, in
9. a) under
10. b) since
11. b) for
12. a) of
13. a) from
14. a) with
15. b) into

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