Report the following statements

Sentences are given in direct speech. Change them into indirect speech.


We usually report statements using a that-clause.

1. My mother said, ‘You are the laziest boy I have ever seen.’

2. He told me, ‘I don’t like your hairstyle.’

3. Martin said, ‘If my father gives me the permission, I will go to Singapore.’

4. ‘I will show you how to do it,’ said the father to his son.

5. ‘I have come to borrow a book from the library,’ the boy said.

6. ‘I am going to the US,’ he says.

7. ‘I want to see the house before I buy it,’ he told the agent.

8. ‘You must change your wet clothes,’ my mother said.

9. ‘We needn’t tell her,’ he said.

10. ‘No one can say what will happen next,’ the speaker said.


1. My mother said that I was the laziest boy she had ever seen.

2. He told me that he didn’t like my hairstyle.

3. Martin said that if his father gave him the permission, he would go to Singapore.

4. The father told his son that he would show him how to do it.

5. The boy said that he had come to borrow a book from the library.

6. He says that he is going to the US.

7. He told the agent that he wanted to see the house before he bought it.

8. My mother told me that I had to change my clothes.

9. He said that they didn’t need to tell her.

10. The speaker said that no one could say what would happen next.