Rewrite as directed | grammar exercise

Rewrite the following sentences as directed. This grammar exercise tests your knowledge basic grammar rules and structures.

1. People speak English all over the world. (Begin the sentence with ‘English’.)

2. The police have arrested the thief. (Begin with ‘The thief’.)

3. Both men and women are watching the show. (Begin with ‘The show’.)

4. People play football all over the world. (Begin with ‘Football’.)

5. The boys were singing the national anthem. (Begin with ‘The national anthem’)

6. Our team will certainly win the match. (Begin with ‘The match’.)

7. They haven’t announced the news yet. (Begin with ‘The news’.)

8. Students are to write the answers on both sides of the paper. (Begin with ‘The answers’.)

9. His supporters have always admired him. (Begin with ‘He’)

10. The contractor is fixing the roof. (Begin with ‘The roof’.)


1. English is spoken all over the world.

2. The thief has been arrested by the police.

3. The show is being watched by both men and women.

4. Football is played all over the world.

5. The national anthem was being sung by the boys.

6. The match will certainly be won by our team.

7. The news hasn’t been announced yet.

8. The answers are to be written on both sides of the paper.

9. He has always been admired by his supporters.

10. The roof is being fixed by the contractor.