Sentence improvement exercise

Sentences given below contain one or more mistakes. Find the underlined part which may contain the error.

1. In the United States alone more than 40,000 people die every year in car accidents and hundreds of thousands more are suffering personal and financial injury.

a) alone

b) in

c) more

d) are suffering

2. No matter how efficient, how safe or how inexpensive are, trains cannot offer the thrill and sense of empowerment provided by the car.

a) no matter

b) how safe

c) inexpensive are

d) provided

3. Though their intelligence and relative long lifespan are traits shared by the other great primates, the social behavior and general lifestyle of orangutans are quite different.

a) relative

b) shared

c) other

d) are

4. That made Jack Kerouac the most celebrated member of the Beat Generation were his autobiographical novels and wayward travels.

a) that

b) the most

c) of

d) no error

5. The Romans perfected the art of building arch bridges and were building them throughout the Roman Empire.

a) perfected

b) building

c) were building

d) throughout


1. are suffering (It must be replaced by ‘suffer’.)

2. inexpensive are (It must be replaced by ‘inexpensive they are’)

3. relative (It must be replaced by ‘relatively’)

4. that (It must be replaced by ‘what’)

5. were building (It must be replaced by ‘built’.)