Sentence transformation exercise

Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each, and making other changes that may be necessary.

1. It is probable that he will never come back. (Begin: In …)

2. He said to me, ‘Where are you going?’ (Begin: He asked me …)

3. As soon as the chief guest had arrived the play began. (Begin: No sooner ….)

4. I was surprised at his behavior. (Begin: His …)

5. He will certainly succeed. (Begin: He is …)

6. He is the best student in the class. (Use better instead of best)

7. He is too weak to stand up without help.

8. He tucked the gun under his arm and rushed towards the bridge. (End: … his arm.)


1. In all probability he will never come back.

2. He asked me where I was going.

3. No sooner had the chief guest arrived than the play began.

4. His behavior surprised me.

5. He is certain to succeed.

6. He is better than any other student in the class.

7. He is so weak that he cannot stand up without help.

8. He rushed towards the bridge with the gun tucked under his arm.